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Name Meaning Gender Origin Rating
Astur to cover, to conceal, to protect Girl Somali
Aweys Boy Somali
Awsame Boy Somali
Axado Sunday. Girl Somali
Axlam Witty, imaginative; one who has pleasant dreams Girl Arabic
Axmadeey Boy Somali
Axmed most praised Boy Arabic
Ayaan bright Girl Somali
Ayaanle Boy Somali
Ayax Boy Somali
Ayuub Boy Arabic
Baahilo Girl Somali
Baarliin Girl Somali
Baashi Boy Somali
Baciido Girl Somali
Bahdoon The one who looks for his clan Boy Somali
Bariido Girl Somali
Barkhad Sunbeam( a ray of sunlight ) or morning Boy Somali
Barkhado Sunbeam( a ray of sunlight ) or morning Girl Somali
Barni Girl Somali

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